Rapid design, prototyping, and development

Romeo Six Labs, a division of Romeo Six LLC, was created in order to provide highly experienced rapid prototyping, product design, R&D, and product development services. Whether your idea is on a napkin, is already in production but needs iterating, or you are ready to begin manufacturing, Romeo Six Labs was created for these reasons and more. There is an incredible gap often seen in the product development process between design team, client, and consumer; issues such as expectations of a realistic timeline, cost to take a product to market, program management and communication in order to maximize efficiency throughout the project to name a few. Romeo Six Labs has decades of product development experience and is focused on getting your product to market in a painless, cost effective, and timely manner.


Open communication between the design team and customer goes a long way. Regular project and budget updates, continuously updated design requirements, and quick response times means a smooth process from start to finish.



Decades of engineering experience combined with decades of US military Special Operations experience means an incredibly talented team who understands effective project management, design, product feasibility, prototyping and evaluation.


Cost Effective

Don't pay more than you should and never be left in the dark wondering "what are they actually doing with my money?". Transparency means you always know the status of your project and how much it's going to cost to get you across the goal line.

Simplifying the Process

Following basic Product Development Process methodology ensures effective development and market delivery in a timely manner. We work with you every step of the way to ensure the hard questions are being answered, expectations are realistic, and unnecessary costs are kept to a minimum.

Requirements & Concept Development

Feasibility study, critical technical challenges identified, concepts developed and evaluated, threshold and objective requirements, 3D layout...a detailed design document.


Detailed Design

The longest and most costly portion of the process: CAD designs of components, schematics and routing of all wiring. Issues that inevitably arise will be reworked into the design.


Prototype & Evaluation

After the design is approved: an engineering model prototype is built in order to verify fit and function of the product, followed by a field prototype in order to test the product in real world conditions.


Document & Release to Production

Assembly drawings, work instructions, Bill of Materials...all leading up to production which may include one or more pilot builds in order to perfect the manufacturing process for the product.



3D Printing, Laser Cutting/Etching

Printing and laser services to speed up your prototyping or proof of concept. One-offs or multiple parts, extremely affordable and rapid turnaround times.



One-stop shop for all your consumer or industrial needs: Mechanical, electrical, industrial, analysis, manufactruing, prototyping and models...the list goes on.



Standalone apps, integrated systems, automation, networking, UI, and more. Solutions for small projects or complex systems, and everything inbetween.

Romeo Six Labs

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